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Beach regulations

The beach is a recreational area that many people want to use. In order for this to run smoothly, a number of regulations are required. They were not designed to make life difficult for recreationalists. In fact, they allow for a large group of users to make undisturbed use of a safe and clean beach. The information signs placed at each dune transition display the following rules.

NB: No rights can be derived from the information and rules on this website.


The orange windsock: You may bathe and swim. The use of floating objects (rubber boats, air beds, tires) is prohibited due to the risk of drifting.

The yellow flag: It is dangerous to bathe or swim. This is usually due to the weather. Floating objects are prohibited. 

The red flag: It is forbidden to bathe or swim. 

The red-yellow flags: The area between the two flags is a monitored swimming zone. This zone is supervised by lifeguards. Water sports are prohibited in this zone.

The rescue brigade flag: Rescue post and first aid post are open.

The Blue Flag: The hallmark of a clean and safe beach. 

If there are no flags, keep in mind that the sea can never be completely trusted! Going into the sea on floating objects such as air beds, rubber boats, floating tires and such is always unwise and dangerous. It is especially prohibited when there is offshore wind. If you choose to do so regardless, our lifeguards will reprimand you.

Guarded beach zones Goeree-Overflakkee, Ouddorp:

Post 10.00 - 11.50 (beach Noord and beach 't Flaauwe Werk)
Post 21.00 - 22.00 (De Brouw beach on the Brouwersdam sea side)
More information about the supervised beach can be found underTasks of the lifeguard.


Large steerable kites, buggies and such (with two or more steering lines) are a danger to beach goers. The kites are heavy and can make 'emergency landings' at high speeds. If one is hit by such a projectile, they can suffer serious injuries. In the busiest areas along our beach, the use of these kites is strictly forbidden. A large "kite" beach is available near the Brouw on the Brouwersdam (near Center Parcs Port Zelande) as well as by beach pavilion The Lighthouse. Do pay attention to the correct zoning indicated by the municipality and always consider your safety and that of others!  


In the summer months, dogs are not allowed on the beaches at either of our rescue stations. There are specific beach areas where dogs are allowed on a leash between May 1st and October 1st between the hours of 09.00-19.00, namely in the area between beach/kilometre poles 11.50 and 21. Also view the map at the bottom of this page.


Between May 1st and October 1st, horses are not allowed on any of the beaches between 09.00 and 19.00, except for horses used by the police.
In recent years there has been an increase in use of fast vessels along our coast, such as water scooters, jet skis et cetera. These are both a danger to swimmers and a nuisance. Use of such vessels along our beaches is prohibited: Use is prohibited within 100 meters of the beach. This also means that it is prohibited to enter the sea from the beach on such a vessel, in other words a launch ban.

Extreme sports  

For extreme sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, skin-boarding and hydro-discs etc. separate zones have been designated by the municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee. Check the municipality's information boards carefully for locations where water sports are allowed. At the Brouwersdam, a special area has been designated for bathers and swimmers near beach pavilion Brouw in the direction of the working harbor. This zone is marked with yellow barrels. In this area, the aforementioned extreme sports are prohibited. Violators of these rules will be verbally reprimanded.

Motorized vehicles

Cars, 4-wheel drive off-road vehicles, tractors, motorbikes, mopeds etc. are prohibited on the beach and on the dune paths. Exceptions are permit holders such as rescue brigades, police and other authorities who carry out their work on and near the beach. Of course they only use their vehicles if this is necessary, to minimize any inconvenience.

Nude recreation

Nude recreation is prohibited on all monitored beach zones.


Cycling on the beach is prohibited during the summer season between 09.00 and 19.00 On a crowded beach, cyclists pose a danger to beach visitors.  

Other rules

  • It is forbidden to enter the dunes, as this is a seawall, water winning area and breeding area!
  • Consider your neighbours: No loud music, swearing or arguing. Do not be a nuisance to each other, make it a pleasant beach day!
  • It is very dangerous to dig deep pits on the beaches and in the vicinity of the dune area. The pits can collapse, with serious consequences.
  • Keep in mind the possibility of rapidly rising water. If you are on a sandbank, bring yourself, your children and any other beach visitors to safety in time. Very strong currents arise around the banks. Also pay attention to currents while swimming and bathing, and keep an eye on large waves striking the banks.
  • Be careful near the breakwaters and do not swim there. Dangerous downflows can arise around these dams.
  • No camp fires can be lit on the beaches without permission from the municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee. Also be very careful when disposing of a cigarette near the dunes. In summer, dune fires can easily occur in the cork-dry dune areas.
  • It is forbidden to camp illegally/stay overnight on the beaches between 21.00 and 06.00. This will result in verbal action by the police as well as hefty fines.
  • Do not leave your rubbish behind after your beach visit, either deposit it in the provided waste bins or take it home.  

The beach around Ouddorp

The surroundings of Ouddorp have a 17 kilometre beach. In order to allow you to make the most of your holiday or weekend, the beach has been divided into various zones. Family beaches can be found on beach Noord and Het Flaauwe Werk as well as beach De Vuurtoren near Ouddorp. For more peace, choose beach De Vrijheid between the lighthouse and the Brouwersdam sea side. For a beach with a large number of young people, visit De Brouw on the Brouwersdam sea side.